Yinchuan JW Marriott Hotel, which is cooperated with YABO, officially opened on August 28th and become an another beautiful window in Yinchuan.With the highest courtesy, the best service, the best environment, it lets every guest get the wonderful trip and enjoy extraordinary. The completion of the Marriott building play an important role in promoting of the implementation of Western Development Strategy and Yinchuan’s economic leapfrog development.   


Yinchuan JW Marriott Hotel is located in Dening International Center which is the highest building in Ningxia for 216m and meaning dragon flying and where is the core of Yinchuan Jinfeng District. It is designed by American design firm Wilson Associates. And overall structure of the building is strong like a dragon flying from the earth and view the scenery of Yinchuan. The exterior design of the hotel is ingenious and unique which is like a sailboat and means setting sail. All are showing the essence of “ JW special hospitality” and “ burning passion”.

銀川JW萬豪酒店坐落于216m的寧夏第一高樓,寓意“騰龍飛天”的德寧國際中心。地處銀川市金鳳區核心位置。由美國設計師事務所WILSON ASSOCIATES操刀設計,整體建筑形體挺拔有力,以“騰龍飛天”之勢崛地而起,以俯瞰之姿覽銀川風景。酒店外觀設計巧妙獨特,呈“帆船”造型,寓意“揚帆起航”,無不彰顯著‘JW非凡款待’和‘燃情并進’的精髓所在。

The hotel has two restraurants, including JW Kitchen which is the full-time dining room under the JW Marriott brand and Ning Xin Ge, a Chinese restaurant. The lobby bar is a good place to enjoy the afternoon tea.


JW Kitchen, a full-time restaurant with modern design and cheerful atmosphere, concentrates foreign food. The chef’s selection of fresh ingredients, a wide variety of delicious dishes and a variety of mouth-watering seafood bring guests unparalleled taste enjoyment. In addition, JW Garden continues to provide guests with fresh spices and vegetables, ensuring a fresh and organic guarantee “ from farm to tables”. What’s more, JW Garden also can hold beer and barbecue festival,etc.where is the summer heat, colorful and wonderful place.


全日制餐廳JW名廚(JW Kitchen)設計現代、氛圍愉悅,薈集中外美食。主廚選取新鮮食材精心烹飪,品類繁多的美饌珍饈以及令人垂涎欲滴的各式海鮮, 都能為客人帶來無與倫比的味覺享受。另有JW花園(JW Garden)持續向客人供應新鮮的香料和蔬菜,實現“從農田到餐桌”的新鮮有機保證。此外,JW花園還可舉辦啤酒燒烤節等,是夏日消暑、繽紛暢活的絕佳場所。

Ning Xin Ge, the famous restaurant in Yinchuan JW Marriott Hotel, is known for both Cantonese and local cuisine. The exquisite chefs use the fresh and organic materials to serve their guest delicious food. The 15 private rooms with perfect-design are the ideal places for parties and banquets. 


The lobby bar, with elegant and comfortable atmosphere and excellent service, bring rich and enjoyment experience. You can enjoy a pleasant afternoon here, and enjoy the coffee made by the baristas, as well as a selection of afternoon refreshments.


In addition, the indoorconstant temperature swimming pool, fitness center and the 1400m2 JW Grand Ballroom are also quite complete.


In JW Marriott Hotel, there are 279 rooms.The desert color scheme inside echoes the extensive and border landscape in Ningxia. The carved on the screen has a good representation of the local ethic element.


Yabo integrates the unique modern design concept with the contemporary exquisite style of Marriott Hotel to highlight the difference with ordinary furniture with a new look. 


We integrate the new modern concepts on the basis of “classic”in the furniture.We create a modern aesthetic feeling by using novel designs,lines and geometric shapes. We find the perfect balance between tradition and innovation in keeping with the hotel style.


Ebony material collide with the fabric elements, revealling it’s modern side.Simple clever, elegant implicit, rich style but not show repression, making guests enjoy leisure and elegance.


Using the aureate ornament the strict line of the desk and cabinet to make a contemporary light luxurious temperament. Ebony veneer design is fashion but do not loose the sedate.Precious and profound natural elements are used in furniture design to give full play to their value. The perfect presentation of every detail creates the product characteristics that can stand the test of time.



YABO integrates Marriott Hotel with the modern aesthetics which is low-key and delicate, practical and introverted. It creates the comfortable aesthetic value and a warming home.Finely crafted and perfectly designed to enrich and enhance each guest's stay experience and enjoy the unique charm of the charming destination.



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